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The Replaceable Latex Neckseal is the perfect solution for medical professionals who need a quick and easy way to replace neckseals between patients. Designed for single-patient, multi-use, this neckseal is made from high-quality latex and is compatible with most oxygen sources. To ensure a secure fit, we recommend applying a small amount of oxygen-compatible lubricant to the outer edge of the neckseal. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, the Replaceable Latex Neckseal is a must-have for any medical professional.

Replaceable Latex Neckseal

SKU: PN516
  • Caution: Federal law (USA) mandates that Sea-long Medical Systems, LLC can only sell this product to physicians and/or licensed clinical practitioners. Please note that this product cannot be shipped to a residence; only to a hospital, medical facility, or clinic.

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