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Welcome Blog from Sea-Long Medical Systems!

We at Sea-Long Medial Systems is going to strive to publish a new blog monthly. In this blog we will update you on sales that we have going right now and future sales that will be coming up next month. We will also inform you about different events that we will be attending. Last, will be new products and new designs that we are about to launch.

If you are to order

Upcoming Events and Sales going on right Now!

This upcoming June month we will be having 2 sales on the Ambu Peep Value PN8501 for $8.25 and our Drager Hard Case mask PN5530 for $125.00, please click the button above to purchase. We will also be attending the International Hyperbarics Association conference located in Hollywood, Florida from June 14-17.

We will have a booth at this conference with Chris Austin Sr. and Valarie Austin in attendance waiting to answer any questions you might have. So please stop by and say, Hello. We will try to keep monthly post to show what we have going on and what the future sales are coming. Please feel free to contact us on WIX, phone (502)969-4949, or email:

Closing Message

We want to Welcome you to Sea-Long Medical Systems Blog

We hope that you have enjoyed this Welcome Blog and we will have more information as the Blogs continue.

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