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Attention: Federal law (USA) mandates that Sea-Long Medical Systems can only sell these devices to physicians and/or licensed clinical practitioners.

COVID - 19 Update: 
Please contact us for updated information and break thru uses for our products with CPAP, BIPAP and NON INVASIVE VENTILATION.

PN 5404 Covid 19 Helmet Kit C

Kit includes

Large port hood

Non-Latex Neckseal 

PN 174 One Way ID/OD

PN 175 One Way OD/ID

PN 176 Silicone Adapter

PN 154 Bacterial & Viral filter

PN 522 Hood Clips 4

PN 545 Hood Straps 2

PN 8501 Peep Valve 

PN 8505 Multiline Oxygen Adapter

PN 525 Accessory Port 2

PN 5401 Covid Helmet Kit A

Kit includes

Large Port Hood

Non-Latex Neckseal

PN 154 Bacterial & Viral 

PN 174 One Way ID/OD

PN 175 One Way OD/ID

PN 545 Hood Straps 2

PN 522 Hood Clips 4

Check out the information from the Helmet Based Ventilation website

Helmet-based ventilation is a solution for COVID-19 treatment



       We are pleased to announce that the 31-year-old company, Sea-Long Medical Systems Inc. is now under new ownership effective October 1, 2016.  As part of the ownership change, our company headquarters has moved from Kentucky to Texas, so you will see an address change.  

The purchase of Sea-Long Medical Systems Inc. is not only a business venture for our family.  We believe in and have personally benefited from the physical health, treatment and longevity benefits of hyperbaric medicine.  Knowledge of the hyperbaric treatment process is important to us, so prior to our purchase of Sea-Long, we completed 40 hours of Hyperbaric Technician Training, and we plan to be certified as Hyperbaric Directors before the end of 2017.

First Class Service

Our commitment to you is to deliver an unprecedented level of service.  We believe this can only be achieved through open dialog and clear and concise communication, so please let us hear from you.  Tell us what we’re doing right, but more importantly, let us know what we can do different, and ultimately better, in how we serve you.  We can be reached directly by email:, or by phone at 502-969-4949.

New Products

Our hyperbaric accessory department is being expanded to include zone valve boxes, high/low alarm panels, cryogenic hoses and check valves, passive vaporizers, automatic and semi-automatic oxygen manifolds, ground strap testers, chamber ground test kits, and a complete line of 100% cotton, no-pocket, hyperbaric scrubs…to list a few items. If you know of products we can offer that would be of benefit to you, please let us know.  We also plan to implement a Quarterly News Letter beginning later this year, full of industry related information that we hope you’ll find informative and beneficial.

We are truly looking forward to getting to know each of you, and hopefully providing a service you find helpful and valuable. 

FDA, SAMS, DOD, DUNS, Small women owned business 2020 Certifications 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep from tearing the neckseal?


First and foremost: a smooth, non-jagged edge must be obtained. Before stretching the opening over the patient's head, fold the cut edge under slightly so the stretching occurs at the fold instead of the cut line, which is now the neckseal’s weakest point.  Please reference the Directions for Use for the Hood System you are using for a diagram.

What is the best way to cut the neckseal to size?


Determine the patient’s neck size using a tape measure.  The neckseal should fit tight enough to prevent leaks but not be uncomfortable.  Use the TRIM CHART to determine the rib that most closely matches the neck measurement.  If it is between sizes, choose the next smaller rib to prevent cutting too large.  Use sharp scissors to make one continuous, smooth cut.  This will prevent jagged edges and tearing points.

What is the difference between the Series 500 and the Series 530 Neckseals?


The Series 500 Neckseal is Single-Patient, Multi-Use, meaning one patient uses the neckseal for the duration of treatment.  It is simply discarded upon completion.  The Series 530 Neckseal is Multi-Patient, Multi-use, meaning the neckrings can be autoclaved and re-used.  Simply replace the neckseal between patients.  Both Series’ neckseals are available in latex and non-latex.  All of Sea-Long Hoods are interchangeable with either style.

Why is it so difficult to separate the hood from the neckseal ring?


Most likely the o-ring needs to be lubricated with an oxygen compatible lubricant.  It only takes a very small amount to make it easier.  Too much lubricant will make it difficult to keep the seal in place.  If you are using the Multi-Patient Neckring, a small amount of lubricant can be added to the neckseal itself near the “pins” to make ring seating/separation easier.  Again, less is best. 

What causes visor fog?


Fogging occurs because of high humidity percentages inside the hood. It can often be eliminated by changing the nebulizer settings and adjusting the flow rate.  Utilizing the ports on the neckring can help too.

My patient has a stoma, what can I use?


The "Tape-on Neckdam" is available for patients with a stoma.  The Neckdam Sleeve works exclusively with our Replacaeble Series to make it convenient and cost-effective.



March 2020 - Helping many hospital systems and countries battle and contain COVID-19 through our products and the possible advances and additional uses of our products. 

September 2019 - Relocated hood manufacturing to Texas for quicker lead times

2018 - Second Study by pulmonologist John P. Kress, MD showing the helmet “confers several advantages over the face mask”. Check out the study here.

July 2018 - Relocated hood ring suppliers to Texas for higher quality control

August 2017 - Sea-Long will attending the HBOT conference and expo in New Orleans, LA

June 2017 - Sea-Long will be attending the UHMC annual scientific meeting in Naples, FL

May 2017 - New website

April 2017 - Sea-Long goes social with the launch of our Facebook page

October 2016 - Sea-Long is under new ownership and moves its headquarters from Kentucky to Texas



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